In our continuous pursuit of colorfully structured campaign design and starkly creative strategic execution, we are most intent on leveraging the extraordinary potential of constantly evolving information gathering and management technologies as they apply to any and all aspects of activity at the marketing and advertising firms of the future.

Our 7 pillars are:

And now, in the true spirit of our young 21st century, you can simply stop thinking, type a word into the search box below, and see if you get lucky.



~ brand
~ consulting
~ marketing plan funding
~ brand identity
~ brand auditing
~ naming ~ organization, company, product, service, item, event, website

~ web marketing ~~ web advertising
~ online marketing ~~ online advertising

~ internal organizational marketing
~ synergetic marketing ~~ integrated marketing ~~ synchronized marketing
~ cross-marketing ~~ co-marketing ~~ partner, affiliate, channel marketing
~ guerrilla marketing ~ local marketing ~~ regional marketing

~ artist career planning and advice
~ corporate sponsorship ~~ event sponsorship ~~ sports sponsorship
~ event calendar ~~ booking ~~ touring
~ promotion ~~ promotion(s) ~~ promotions
~ physical space analysis
~ media exposure
~ information management

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~ brand art
~ corp'art
~ visual identity ~~ graphic identity
~ sonic identity ~~ musical identity
~ multi-sensory identity
~ creative direction ~~ art direction ~~ music direction

~ marketing materials ~~~ logos, business documents, websites, specialty items, posters, propaganda, product promo artwork, product demo artwork, press kits, photography (publicity, press), paraphernalia, propaganda, menus, media packets, media release documents (one sheet, release sheet), media release covers (book, cd, dvd), media promo artwork, media demo artwork, leave-behinds, flyers, flats, signage, banners, patterns, financial statements, financial reports, financial documents, forms, drawings, apparel, commercials, brochures, branded promotional products, annual reports, ads

~ styling
~ physical exhibition and display
~ interaction systems
~ event lighting ~~ event sound
~ event location interior design and decoration ~~ set design

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~ marketing materials ~ manufacturing, distribution, placement
~ advertising media formatting ~~ advertising media preparation

~ web marketing campaign
~ online advertising campaign implementation

~ media ~ music, audio, film, video, animation, direction
~ radio commercials ~~ television commercials

~ event
~ networking functions ~ private, fund-raising, preview, press-only, opening, closing, media signing events
~ party planning ~ launch, product launch, media release parties, listening parties, screenings

~ entertainment and talent contracting
~ design services contracting

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~ copy writing ~~ script writing
~ song writing ~~ jingle writing ~~ music composition
~ writing press releases, news, newsletters, posts, entries, credits, keywords, meta-information, alt tags, urls, file naming
~ screen writing, screenplay writing, story boarding
~ film scoring ~~ event soundtrack

~ information gathering and analysis
~ market research ~~ brand research ~~ advertising space research ~~ location research ~~ venue research
~ online surveying, polling, sampling
~ on-location surveying, polling, sampling ~ in the field, on the street, at events, up in da club
~ online traffic monitoring ~~ online statistics
~ event services ~~ mailing list signup
~ marketing information systems design, development and maintenance

~ statistical analysis
~ trend analysis ~~ trend projection
~ brand tracking and management systems
~ information management
~ physical space documentation ~~ location documentation

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~ exposure
~ event documentation ~ sound, film, photography
~ music supervision ~~ musical direction

~ print advertising ~ corporate publications, directories, event programs, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, trade publications
~ broadcast advertising ~ online radio, radio, internet, cable and network television, network television

~ public relations
~ media relations
~ press relations ~~ press
~ publicity
~ media services contracting
~ on-location branding campaigns

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~ digital content distribution networks
~ localized ~~ regionalized
~ individualized marketing ~~ word-of-mouth circulation ~~ hand-to-hand marketing
~ street team
~ merchandising
~ product, merchandise, event ticket giveaways
~ marketing materials and merchandise placement
~ event promotion
~ on-location marketing
~ geographic information systems

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~ information
~ distribution
~ sponsorship
~ space
~ content licensing
~ marketing materials ~ procurement, inventory, tracking

~ event ~ before, during, after
~ event staffing ~ box office, reception, hosting, waiting, bartending, staff and personnel
~ tour ~ before, during, after

~ mailing list
~ brand management systems
~ campaign logistics

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Yeah we do a lot of different types of work, all integrated, all collaborative across specialties. Some people don't even believe we can do all that under one roof. Truth be told, we'd be just another advertising agency without our very special PARTNERS.

Finally, we love to leverage the endless resources of our wonderful LIBRARY, COLLECTION and ARCHIVE of carefully selected media, marketing, and technology materials, gathered over years of observation, research, and production.

illustration ~ lighters ~ Jonathan McIntosh ~ 2005 ~ sputnyc