2009-12-31, Thursday
New Year's Eve 2010 Celebration

10th Anniversary Event ~

Bronx, NY - USA

It's a party ~

3 bands, 5 djs, visuals, and belly dancers

3 party rooms, a chimney, and the street garden to play in ~



1 Bruckner Boulevard (corner of 3rd Avenue)

Music by

Tramponaline ~ Strip Darling

Red Light ~ Flow

Fallen Gold ~ Bandamous

Dance by

belly dancers The Kali

Visuals by



Lights by

Gaspard Duroselle

hosted by Perri Yaniv

Doors at 9,

Open bar 10-11,

4 dollar select drinks all nite,

The jungle juice,

Drink specials on the hour every hour,

Complimentary champagne.

Food served all nite.

Party 'til noon ~

subway ~ 6 train to 138th Street

(first stop in the Bronx, one stop after 125th Street)

lots and lots of easy, free parking

USD 40 until day of event

USD 50 at the door

You will be able to purchase advance tickets at the door of the venue until shortly before 9:00pm.

To purchase tickets by credit card, call our desirable attendants at +1-347-730-0552.
Digital box office hours are every day, 24 hours a day.

Tickets guarantee admission.

call +1-347-730-0552 for tickets.

Part of the evening's proceeds will be donated to New York Cares, New York city's leading volunteer organization.

Get your records, tshirts, posters, pins, stickers at the inimitable NYCNAK store, the biggest interweb mall on the superhighway.

Be here.

Bruckner Bar and Grill



vocals - Chanez Baali

keys - Jessica Shearer

guitar - Miguel Patriota

bass - Olivier Lauzon

percussion - Oliver Shearer

drums - Philip Shearer

The Kali

Chrissi Mondrone

Erica Gross

Genevieve Monroig

Kristy Abbatiello

Tara Murphy

Tia Stefanski

Strip Darling

keys and vocals - Jacque Ryal

guitar - Genni Yaniv

guitar - Shaheim Jackson

bass - Elektra Carras

drums - Dave Dawson

Red Light

Barry Shaw

Eddie Rodriguez


Rob Paterson

Fallen Gold

Chanez Baali

Gabrielle Archer

Jessica Shearer

Kate Chaffee

Sarah Poyet


vocals - Oliver Shearer

keys and guitar - David Macleod

guitar - Miguel Patriota

bass - Jonathan McIntosh

drums - Stewart Laufer


floorplan ~ Bruckner ~ clinyc ~ 2010-01-01 ~ event venue ~ sputnyc

DISCLAIMER: You are invited to a NEW YEAR'S EVE CELEBRATION, but as with any good time, certain provisions apply. sputnyc will not be held responsible for injury resulting from excessive or dangerous behavior on the part of guests. You agree to indemnify your hosts of responsibility for all of your actions and any consequences resulting therefrom, and are solely liable and legally responsible for your conduct.


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