2008-01-18, Friday
It's a riot.

Bronx, NY - USA


1 Bruckner Boulevard (corner of 3rd Avenue)

doors at 10:00pm

DJs, Light shows and Festivities

music by

Flow ~ Mousky

free with reservation below
USD 5 at the door

subway - 4, 5, 6 to 138th Street
one subway stop after 125th Street, first stop in the Bronx

map ~ Bruckner ~ clinyc ~ venue ~ sputnyc


Praised by many as the accidental solution to the underground being dug up and packaged,
Flow can't keep still for more than a minute. His trax will have you shaking it in less than that.


Whether playing at Camouflage, Direct Drive or wreaking havoc South of the Equator,
Mousky likes to leave his options open, keeping a stash of filthy cute 4/4 beats at hand for
late night revelry.

Please riot responsibly.

Thank you.