2007-12-31, Monday
New Year's Eve 2008 Celebration

Bronx, NY - USA

It's a party. A big party ~

Bruckner Bar and Grill

1 Bruckner Boulevard (corner of 3rd Avenue)

doors at 9:00pm
Festivities 'til you can't stand anymore.

3 party rooms, 4 bands, 3 djs, video projections everywhere, a chimney lounge, and the entire adjacent street to play in ~

Open bar on beer and wine. Complimentary champagne.

Food served all nite, so the party doesn't have to stop at any time.

music by

Tramponaline ~ Strip Darling
Rob Paterson ~ Multiple Mono
Flow ~ Bandamous

hosted by the mystery guest ~

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subway ~ 4, 5, 6 to 138th Street (first stop in the Bronx, one stop after 125th Street)
lots and lots of easy, free parking

USD 40 for advance ticket
USD 60 by reserving on this page
USD 80 at door

You will be able to purchase advance tickets at the door of the venue until shortly before 9:00pm. Tickets guarantee admission.

The next best option is to reserve on this page.

Thank you.

Reservations are now closed.

concept by sputnyc ~ filming by Arnaud Stebe and editing by Olivier Lauzon

Bruckner Bar and Grill



vocals - Chanez Baali
bass - Olivier Lauzon
keys - Jessica Shearer
drums - Philip Shearer

Strip Darling

piano and vocals - Jacque Ryal
guitar - Genni Yaniv
guitar - Shaheim Jackson
bass - Elektra Carras
drums - Philip Shearer
drums - Dave Dawson

Multiple Mono

guitar and vocals - Rob Paterson
bass and keys - Colin Kasprowicz


keys and guitar - David Macleod
bass - Jonathan McIntosh
drums - Stewart Laufer

floorplan ~ Bruckner ~ clinyc ~ 2008-01-01 ~ event venue ~ sputnyc