2007-11-04, Sunday
Manyc Records at New York City Marathon 2007

Bronx, NY - USA

138th Street and Rider Avenue

all day
10:00am to 4:00pm

Bands, DJs, Festivities and Runners

music by

Tramponaline - Strip Darling
Multiple Mono - Bandamous

subway - 4, 5, 6 to 138th Street
one subway stop after 125th Street, first stop in the Bronx

Thank you.


vocals - Chanez Baali
bass - Olivier Lauzon
keys - Jessica Shearer
drums - Philip Shearer

Strip Darling

piano and vocals - Jacque Ryal
guitar - Shaheim Jackson
bass - Elektra Carras
drums - Philip Shearer

Multiple Mono

guitar and vocals - Rob Paterson
bass and keys - Colin Kasprowicz
drums - Ben Bynum


keys and guitar - David Macleod
bass - Jonathan McIntosh
drums - Stewart Laufer